5 Must-Buys for 2024 Ramadan Gift Shopping

Ramadan ideas for Online gift delivery in Pakistan

Ramadan is our yearly reminder to reflect and detoxify – to comprehend the generosity of the creator and to feed our spirituality – to fast and to give! It’s the months that call on our compassion and encourages us to experience the joy of giving so that we can free ourselves from the orderly materials and when we speak of giving it is also best done by sharing Ramadan gifts.

Muslims all around the world are ranked highest for their philanthropy acts and all this comes from practising fasting during Ramadan. It’s the blessing of this sacred month form where we learn to give and detach ourselves from the order; at least for a month. Sacred nights and blessed days end up rejoicing on Eid gifts with endless rewards for the ummah. There can’t be a better time of the year!

We know that it’s imperative to distribute our wealth in terms of zakat and there are no two ways about it but to celebrate Ramadan and enjoy its bounties, it is as important to follow Mohammad’s sunnah of giving. Sharing with those less unfortunate and offering presents to our near and dear ones is central to the spirit of Ramadan.

Arabic Calligraphy Wall Art

Adorning your walls with digital frames of Arabic calligraphy are easy to pick and post. Decorate your prayer room or gift it to a friend. Lots of customisation options are available so that you can pick up your favourite verse from the Quran and recite it at every sight. Revaayat shelves classic digital frames for Ramzan gifts, in case you’re looking for one.

frames with Arabic calligraphy for Ramadan gifts

Blessings in your pocket

It is what it says! We’re all used to recite the Quran more frequently in the month of Ramadan than usual but our work-life remains the same. Pocket Quran is our best bet! Coded in stunning colours, Tasbeeh and Pocket Quran gift boxes for sending out as Ramadan or Eid gifts are immensely popular for their usefulness. Take the book with you to Masjid, to work, to Iftar dinner or keep it in the car – it literally stays with you!

send religious gifts to Pakistan

Right in the spirits!

When exploring Ramzan gift ideas – decore is the first thing that comes to our mind. It creates an aura that reflects a special time and encourages everyone in the house to participate and practise the teachings.  More than anyone else, kids’ learnings matter to us the most. For this, we’ve found an ayatul-kursi fridge magnet for gifts and delivery in Pakistan. Perfect for the kids learning ayat-ul kursi.

send Ramzan gifts to your loved ones  in Pakistan

Digital Tasbeeh

Yet another invention that threw manual out of work and challenged traditional design. At a time where everything is digitising, why shouldn’t prayer beads be so? To fill in the gap, there is a new digital tasbeeh/prayer counter available in Pakistan. Again, it’s immensely popular with the elderly as it helps them to perform their daily ritual without the need to remember. Available in vibrant colours, it makes a useful gift combo with the Quran or prayer mat.

online gifts delivery
Digital Prayer counter

Foam Prayer Mat

Evolution and change are best when they work in favour of mankind. Prayer mats have long been weaved in particular fabrics but all that is changing now. People are challenging traditional designs with modern and minimalistic art designs. Our favourite pick, though is based on comfort. Pakistan’s popular brand, Molty foam has introduced an extremely comfortable prayer mat with a cushioned bottom layer that makes the mat soft to use. It’s so perfect for the elderly that we’ve seen a spike in its sales for Ramadan gifts to parents.

Eid gifts delivery in Pakistan

As an ex-pat, it might get annoying at times for us to share our joy with our families back home but if you’re in luck if you’re in the UK looking to send gifts to Pakistan, you can do so with Revaayat.

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